Climatic Issues


Oregon and SW Washington are notoriously moist.  While the amount of rainfall in the Portland area is about 37-40 inches per year-the same as most US east coast cities-it takes days to accumulate.  It remains damp in the Northwest, and as a result mold and rot pose a serious threat to the life of your windows.

Windows and doors are active components. They are opened and closed — even slammed!  Tight, stable joinery and the ability of fasteners and hardware to remain solidly attached are integral factors in a long, dependable working life for your home’s fenestration.

At Loewen, we build with Douglas Fir as our standard species.  It is more naturally resistant to rot and decay than pine or hemlock.  In select European jurisdictions, Douglas Fir windows are not required to be preservative treated, which speaks to the incredibly resilient properties of this wood species.  However, to enhance our product's resistance to moisture absorption, decay and insect infestation, every Loewen wood component is treated with a water repellant/wood preservative sealant before assembly.

We are proud to offer our complete line of windows and doors in Mahogany, as well, giving discerning consumers a choice of wood species to further customize their projects.  Like Doug Fir, Mahogany is known for its natural strength, superior fastener holding power and resistance to decay.  Carefully gathered from recognized controlled sources, the rich, fine-grained beauty of Mahogany fits perfectly with the quality and refinement that homeowners, custom builders, architects and designers have come to expect from Loewen.

Learn more about the effects of condensation on windows – as well as practical tips and guidelines – at the Window and Door Manufacturers Association Web site: