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To assist you, Loewen offers an entire division, Loewen Architectural Services (LAS), with an Architectural Solution Center to provide technical support, design consultation and problem solving assistance.  Our team of masters level Architectural Consultants are available by phone or email,  providing personalized pre-design, design and technical expertise to the entire architectural community.  Please view our team as a continuation of your firm, here to provide fast, accurate responses to your design and technical questions.

Our clear, professional shop drawings can verify complex mulling combinations, custom shapes, grid patterns and details.  Both elevation and cross-section drawings are available for all shaped, specialty or custom projects.


United States or Canada: 1.877.563.9368
Outside of North America: 204.326.6446.

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Loewen uses thicker glass than most other window manufacturers, making our products more insulative, more soundproof and more resistant to impact. Plus, our thicker glass is considerably more resistant to the stresses caused by fluctuations in temperature.

Loewen windows and glass inserts for doors are available with numerous glazing options: Heat-Smart® Plus Window Systems 1, 2 and 3, Tranquility® sound reduction system and StormForce™ Series. Loewen Heat-Smart® Plus Window Systems use argon gas and Low E2 technology to save you heating and cooling costs. Each of three Heat-Smart® Plus Window Systems delivers a different level of thermal performance, allowing you to choose the system that best meets your needs.

Standard Loewen glass is available in both double and triple configurations and with a variety of coatings to manage solar heat gain. These result in different visual tints. The photo swatches shown below give you an approximation of the different window products' appearance.