Why Loewen



We use Coastal Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) as the standard species in our frames and sashes. This wood does more than just give our windows a rich, warm texture— it is naturally tough and resilient, yet still workable.  Furthermore, for those seeking the ultimate in hardness, longevity, protection and aesthetics, our windows and doors are offered in Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla).

Each species is dimensionally stable and universally recognized for a superior strength-to-weight ratio.  Both Douglas Fir and Mahogany offer excellent fastener retention strengths, meaning our windows are more securely assembled than the competition, and stay that way longer.

Our frames and sashes are constructed from numerous smaller pieces laminated together at opposing grains (no visible finger joints.)  Not only does this cut down on wood waste, but it makes for a stronger product.  Double mortise and tenon joints ensure our sashes remain square and true, and allow us to use less glue and caulking.  Loewen windows are designed to breathe, and thus keep moisture from working away at the wood and penetrating glass seals.   


Loewen uses only extruded aluminum cladding to better protect your window and door exteriors — as well as to eliminate the need for painting. Our cladding retains its shape, resists denting, and lasts longer than roll-formed aluminum. Moreover, it is set away from the underlying wood, creating an air space that improves thermal performance.

Available in ten standard and twenty-seven optional colors all created from Kynar enhanced paint, our windows can withstand extreme temperature variations and acidic pollutants without fading.  


Loewen windows and glass inserts for doors are available with numerous glazing options.  Combined, they comprise one of the most diverse collection of glazing options in a major window manufacturer.  Whether you live in a windy coastal climate or the high desert, each of our glazing systems is designed to address factors such as noise, fluctuations in temperature, solar heat gain, humidity, thermal efficiency -- even flying debris!    

  • All standard sealed units feature machine applied butyl primary sealant and polyisobutyl secondary sealant. This reduces the chance of seal failure, improves argon gas retention and increases strength.
  • All standard Loewen sealed units are argon gas filled with no spacer bar piercing*.
  • Glazing fabrication is automated.
  • Our automated glazing assembly line allows robots to excel at what they do best — precise, repetitive tasks — and lets our skilled operators concentrate on issues of quality and performance. The robotic line creates Loewen sealed units with the glass in a vertical position, which prevents the irregularity caused by deflection (glass sagging during production) that can rob units of their hermetic seal over time.
  • Specially treated glass designed for southern exposures and hot climates is available. 


Environmental stewardship is closely aligned with many of the core values that are present in our company. Loewen is committed to this stewardship, in both our product and manufacturing processes.

  • We manufacture only wood windows, thereby using a renewable resource, an efficient natural insulator and production methods that consume less energy than PVC.
  • We recycle virtually all of the wood waste created in manufacturing. We also recycle glass, aluminum, vinyl weatherstrip, solvents, motor oil and paper. We even heat our plant with sawdust and sell the remainder to local farms for animal bedding.
  • While we actively seek to reduce-reuse-recycle, we understand the real world dynamics of down cycling and so we aggressively design systems that are optimally efficient in consumption and strive to produce windows of the highest quality so as to assure long product life. To this end, our products are made to be repaired and can even be removed and re-installed. Once again, product quality is at the crossroads of efficiency and responsible design.
  • Our products are empirically shown to be among the industry’s best in terms of thermal performance (NFRC tested).
  • We are the first major North American window and door manufacturer to receive Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain of custody certification (SW-COC-1739) for Douglas Fir wood used in our fenestration products.


To enable homeowners, designers, architects and builders to choose the right products, Loewen adheres to universally recognized accreditation and certification programs. Certification allows our performance to be precisely measured and compared to other products and empowers you with objective, scientific tools.

Loewen products are designed to meet most major building codes. Our extensive product line, custom capability and years of market experience make even the most stringent codes achievable. Rely on Loewen to avoid unexpected expense and create your custom applications to code and to specification.